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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Even Now - A Poem

Even Now

By Tyler Vela

Even now sit I In rags of waste
Garments stained, Prayers in haste
Eyes afoul, Lips unclean
Wayward heart and envy green
But even so, with death drawn near
My head is high, I have no fear
For if my soul should lose its way
I have this hope, No deep dismay
The Lord of hosts in heaven crowned
Sin cast out and justice found
A feeble man no more am I
All find rest in vast supply
So I’ll tarry here for my time
Until I’m called to joy sublime
And if you must seek me out
Follow the fold amongst the devout
And there be I in humbled state
Til my Lord ends my wait
So singeth I my song of love
For the Glorious God, Christ above

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