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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Freed Thinker - Special Episode: Discussion of Moral Philosophy part 2

This edition of The Freed Thinker Podcast we take a break from our presentation of my response to Jim Merrit's list of Bible contradictions and continue with the second part of what will ultimately be multipart series on the questions of moral philosophy. I am joined by my friends Nicholas Bruzzese from The Skeptics Testament (and who has been a guest on the show before) and  Brandon Christian, who many of your may recognize from the TST facebook page.

In this second episode, is part 1 of a discussion that we had about my position - Theistic Objective Moral Realism.

For resources on this book I recommend the following books (later episodes I’ll recommend books, podcasts, and online articles for a little more variety)
Moral Philosophy: A Reader ed. by Pojman
Moral Relativism and Moral Objectivity by Gilbert Harman and Judith Jarvis Thomson

Enjoy the show!
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  1. Are you saying God necessarily exists? Why is it necessary for its existence? Perhaps all exists without God?
    Your mic volume is lower than the others and you've got a terrible low hum going on.

  2. Under naturalism what's wrong with Social Contract Theory as the "system" for morality?