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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Interview with Cory Markum - Part 2

In this episode I continue my discussion with my friend and atheist Cory Markum on what he thinks a possible foundation for morality might be from within a non-theistic worldview. At the end of this I ask the audience to weigh in if Cory has met his burden of proof to demonstrate that such a thesis has been demonstrated. Feel free to comment with your thoughts!

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1 comment:

  1. I would be interested in hearing and extended discussion on Cory`s questions about the sensibility of grounding morality in a single `divine mind` (31:50 min). This is a significant problem for those who have a Unitarian God, such as Islam or the Jehovah`s witnesses. However, the Trinity does not suffer from this problem, as the Triune God exists as three co-eternal co-equal Persons. The relationship that these three Persons eternally express (ie. Love) is the pattern for all human relationships, inasmuch as mankind is created in the image of God. God intends man to be that which reflects Him in creation, and thus it is incumbent on Man to love both God and his neighbour in the same fashion that the Persons in the Trinity express love amongst themselves. Morality is grounded in the attributes of God, yes; but only in the Trinity do we see morally significant attributes expressed, and not in bare theism. It is only in the Triune God of scripture that we see unity and diversity as equally ultimate, in which there exists fully expressed relationships that serve as a pattern for human conduct.