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Sunday, November 15, 2009

An ironic turn of events

Update: Courtenay Werleman has deleted me as a friend on facebook and has banned me from posting on his website. My comments have always been civil and polite and focused on the arguments and the evidence. Apparently I was out of line to contradict him. The irony of this however is so obvious. One of his major predications is that theists, and Christians in particular, are guilty of ignoring evidence, being irrational, ahistorical and believing by blind faith. He then turns around and deletes the one descenting voice to his book on his facebook and his blog. Rather than exploring the evidences and arguments that refute his fallacious claims or that oppose his worldview, he chooses to silence them; to cut them off from the conversation. It is like the scientist, who in the name of science, only allows in data that agrees with his pre-approved conclusions.

This is proof positive that the New Atheist movement is all bark and no bite. When they are met with resistence they shout longer and louder, with more vitriol, more character abuse (ad hominem arguments or character assasinations) and more hasty generalizations. It has been my experience that people with sound arguments and evidence on their side, just simply do not resort to such tactics.

To all you Christians who have run ins with atheists like this. I encourage you to stay dedicated to the truth, speak boldly and confidently, but NEVER resort to the level of character assasination. Speal the truth in LOVE. Do not be offensive, insulting, divise on purpose. The truth may already carry an offence, so we should not add insult to injury. But we have the truth, and the truth will set us free.

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