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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Discussion with Benjamin Watkins on Naturalism

In this rather LONG discussion with atheist and naturalist Benjamin Watkins we explore his defense of philosophical naturalism. This one gets pretty philosophical and somewhat heated.... but dont worry. We loved chatting together! Strap in and hold on... this is going to be a philosophical ride!!!

Enjoy the show!


  1. This was just painful towards the end. Ben kept trying to show how Tyler's defeater was invalid and Tyler just kept talking over him soon as he'd star and consequently refusing to listen. Soon as Ben finally got a chance to explain why Tyler's defeater was invalid against his argument (pointing out post and a priori) Tyler then changes his position to a priori! Of course Tyler never admits or acknowledges Ben was right in his analysis of why his defeater didn't work against Tyler's original position. The real interesting discussion came after Tyler changed the way he was presenting his view. I'm with Ben, I don't see how adding the extra step of God gives us anything more as far as explaining logical truths, it seems to just make it more needlessly complex. I also agree that I can imagine a possible world where God doesn't exist and therefore God cannot be logically necessary. I wish Tyler and Ben drove into this more, it was just getting good before it ended.

    Even though I disagree with Tyler, good show overall. I thought it was fair (minus the few minutes towards the end when Ben continuously kept getting interrupted). There needs to be more shows like this, hope Tyler plans more of these exchanges that wade deep into the philosophical issues of the great debate. A+ keep up the good work.

  2. I agree, this was an awesome podcast and I would like to hear more like this. I really hope that Tyler will have him on again to discuss the issues that "were for another podcast". Let's hear 'em! Good job on both sides of the fence, and although I disagree with Unknowns conclusions that were at odds with Tylers, I'd rather have Tyler Vela and Benjamin Watkins hash them out or have Unknown hash it out with Tyler on another podcast.

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  4. I just finished listening to this one, in bits, for a second time and I kind of agree with the first post about the last minutes but take the other view. Maybe it's like the tree falling in a forest but seems to me that logic requires an existing mind, even if it is disembodied. Tyler - it's time to have Ben back on!