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Friday, September 30, 2016

FREE Thinking WITH FREED Thinking: In Retrospect

For those who have been following my recent discussions on Molinism, you will likely be aware of a disagreement between myself and Tim Stratton of Free Thinking Ministries. Thankfully this has come to a peaceable resolution with both of us removing our posts discussing the dialogue that was had. While Stratton and I do not see eye to eye on issues surrounding Calvinism and Molinism and will likely have further, possibly passionate, debates about them, we are united in one desire to glorify God and honor Christ our Savior in both word and deed. 


  1. Honestly? You sound like you are more committed to Calvinism than Christianity.

    I say this because Christians are taught to interact with gentleness and respect. You don't do that.

    You also don't seem to have an ecumenical spirit. With all your emphasis on internal squabbling, you've forgotten you are engaging with your brothers and sisters in Christ, not your arch-enemies.

    Third, you lack humility. Men much wiser than us take different doctrinal positions than ours. To be so quick to rubbish them is to display a thoughtlessness and arrogance.

    Fourth, you ought to use your podcast and ministry as a tool of ministry, rather than a source of entertainment, self-promotion, or public beefing.

    Fifth, your criticisms of Molinism are flimsy. In your last podcast you made too many weak moves, from unsupported psychological speculation, to empty rhetorical attacks, to appeals to emotion. Your quality of work needs to improve.

    There's much more to say, but not enough time. Take this from your brother in the Lord. You need to reassess.

    Don't be a mini James White if you can do better.

    1. And no comment about the dishonesty in the tactics of Mr. Stratton that I am responding to?

      Care to give details and not simple assertions to actually demonstrate your criticisms of my shows on Molinism? Quotes and time stamps for each of those accusations with defense of your claims would be helpful (and reasonable).

  2. And yet you go out of your way to insult me to demonstrate your proposals? Not to mention you go out of your way to slander a brother not even involved. Interesting. Hypocritical. But interesting.

    All anonymously. How brave to insult behind the shield of anonymity.

  3. Sometimes I can be direct. Unpublished the comment if it's too harsh, but take my words seriously. They are meant as constructive criticism.

    I don't feel these debates are worth the time to go on a timestamp expedition. But you should know which of your claims about Molinism were rhetorical and psychological if you listen back to the podcast.

    If I want to hash it out, I personally would just go to the literature. I don't have to deal with so much drama and conflict if I read Paul Helm or William Lane Craig to learn about their views.

    As for Mr.Stratton, I'll call him out on his blog, if needed.

    Delete my comments if you feel they are too harsh. But I'm just giving honest feedback. Often others can see where you need to improve where you might have a Blindspot.

    God bless. Sorry if I'm being too blunt.

    1. If you do not feel it is worth it, then I recommend not jumping in in he first place.

      You made accusations. Are you now refusing to substantiate them?

  4. I feel like parsing the details of your debate with Mr.Stratton isn't worth it.

    But you are worth it. You're a gifted person, a member of the Body. So your unChristian conduct is worth calling out.

    About the accusations: Did you bother listening back to the podcast with my critiques in mind? If I'm convinced you will take them seriously, I just might find timestamps.

  5. I would love to hear an exchange on the Freed Thinker podcast on Molinism, Calvinism, and apologetic approach between you and Eric Hernandez of Eric Hernandez Ministries

    1. It's already in the works but for a different show. More details to come.